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Automated Test Equipment (ATE)


Challenge: Develop a means to test the functionality of an AIU in an environmental chamber

Solution: Designed, developed and delivered an automated test system utilizing a combination of National Instruments TestStand, CVI, and LabVIEW software applications and PXI instruments that would test both discrete signals and communications buses

  • F-15 Avionics Interface Units Automated Test Equipment
  • Designed modern test system to replace 25 year old system
  • Tests both AIU primary and secondary units simultaneously
  • Utilizes Interface Test Adapters for calibration and testing connections
  • Replaces three racks of custom electronics with 1 rack (a PXI chassis) of COTS instruments

Iron Bird Test Stands

An Iron Bird System simulates forces on aircraft wing slat and flap sub-components. The system is physically configured in the shape of the aircraft wing. The right wing load of the aircraft is simulated by a single table and loads on each of the left wing slats and flaps are simulated individually. This system utilizes distributed control and data acquisition as well as significant mechanical actions.

The fully integrated Host Workstation allows users to monitor real time data from each table in the system. Motion control and data acquisition is accomplished by the use of National Instruments hardware and software.


Airbus A350 Telescopic Duct Assembly Life Cycle Testing

Challenge: Develop a means to perform life cycle testing on a telescopic heating duct

Solution: Designed, developed and delivered a mechanical test stand, as well as a National Instruments LabVIEW software application and PXI instruments to automatically control an actuator that cycled the telescopic duct using predefined profiles

Patriot Missile Launcher Motor Test Stand

Letterkenny Army Depot

Solution: Replaced 3 antiquated test systems that were not maintainable (circa 1980)
Single System Tests All Motors & Fans
Easily Reconfigurable Test Modules

  • Customer may develop their own test plans
  • Custom Test Report Outputs
  • Database Test Report Storage Archives


  • Motors to 16 Hp
  • 12,000 RPM
  • 170 In-Lbs Torque (19 Nm, 15 Ft-Lbs)
  • 4-Quadrant Dynamometer (Source & Load)

Hydraulic Test Systems


Solution: The MSI Test Bench will perform automated qualification tests of the 737 MAX TRAS actuator for both Fatigue and Endurance

  • High-pressure (5000 psi/3050 psi nominal)
  • Skydrol type LD4 hydraulic fluid

Anti-Submarine Warfare Avionics Field Maintenance Test System

L-3 Communications – Ocean Systems

Solution: Developed test systems to be flexible modular platforms for field testing avionics components

  • Core test set provides common power, stimulus, and measurement devices for six test fixtures, which adapt to the test set and cable into the specific avionic components
  • The software in the core test set manages overall test implementation
  • New components can be accommodated in the future by designing a new test fixture and developing a new software module to plug into the software


F-18 Avionics Test Systems

Honeywell – Defense Avionics Systems

Solution: Developed a series of automated testers for Honeywell’s F-18 avionics upgrade program

  • Portable Quality Tester
  • Environmental Stress Screening Thermal Test System
  • Base ATE System
  • Integrated Test Bench (pictured left)


P3 Orion Automated Test Equipment Obsolescence Replacement

Phoenix Aerospace

  • Received instrument replacement I/O information only
  • Researched possible availability of direct replacement components
  • Utilizes a combination of COTS and custom solutions for drop in replacement
  • First phase deliverables are design only
  • Second phase to fabricate and program instruments


M915A2 Long Haul Tractor Armor Stability Study

BAE Systems

Challenge: Determine the vehicle stability with new additional armor and chassis mounting hardware.
Solution: Designed and implemented a laboratory simulation for establishing data baselines.

  • Laboratory simulation was also utilized for determining application specific data processing needs.
  • Developed a ruggedized stand-alone data logger.
  • Determined instrumentation and sensor placement.
  • Recorded 18 accelerometer channels.
  • Data logger is currently employed in theater (Kuwait and Iraq).
  • Developed data reduction software for Failure Effects Analysis.